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Send Automated Emails, One by One

Automated Emails

MailDrips will automatically send your emails & follow-ups one by one with personalized content.

Automated Emails & Followups

Automate Follow-up Emails

Set the number of days for each follow up email, and the system will do the rest. Set it and forget it.

Reply Detection

MailDrips will detect if you receive a reply and will stop follow-up emails from being sent, automatically.

Automated Emails & Followups
Automated Emails & Followups

Personalized Cold Emails

Each email can be personalized. Adding tags like first and last name, company name, and current date will give each email a wow effect resulting in more replies.

Open & Reply Tracking

Know exactly how many people open and reply to your emails with MailDrips' Tracking features. Note: Open rate only works with HTML email messages.

Automated Emails & Followups
Email Connection

Connect to Your Email

We integrate with Gmail and G Suite. This allows the system to send through your email, keeping your prospects from knowing that you sent these emails automatically. Support for IMAP is coming soon.

24/7 Support - We're here to help you and your drip.

Running into some issues? No problem. We're here to help you. Our team provides 24/7 support to our clients. 24/7 phone support is available to clients as well (Excluding the free account). PS: We will help you with getting better open rates also.

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